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This is my first Chrome plug-in, it can help me to click the link on the new window (or tag) when I visit Hacker News.

Every day, I will visit Hacker News to get some information, but I find that every time I click on the news link, I can not return to Hacker News homepage.

I used to passed the keys command on the keyboard can be completed the news on the newly opened tab. Later, I think I can through the browser plug-in to complete this action.

So, my first Chrome plug-in comes out.It names SupTarget, the screenshot below: ie

It is very easy to use. You should download the plug-in and install on you Chrome.

Download the Plug-in

You can copy this url: chrome://extensions/ on your Chrome site url and drop the plug-in on Chrome extensions.

Good. I hope you like it.

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